A Smart Way to Invest in PandaInu without Buying Cryptocurrency Key Points.

Cryptocurrency has been an incredibly volatile investment in the market, but you can convert this volatility to your advantage with PandaInu.

Most of the users asked the same thing why we should invest with PandaInu and its related platform.

Investors have been on a wild ride this year. Between January and August, its price skyrocketed over 15,000% to a little over $0.74, only to lose more than half of its value just weeks later. But as of this writing, PandaInu is still up as per the roadmap of its 2nd round of pre-sale. And in this year the price of PandaInu token will climbing consistently in near future.

Investors may see this as an opportunity.

Perhaps the Shiba Inu is on track to reach the moon! But before you make any decisions, it’s important to consider the risks and weigh all of your options. For instance, there are ways to get PandaInu exposure in your portfolio without actually buying any cryptocurrency. Let’s dive in.

The downside of Dogecoin

But here’s the problem: Dogecoin’s value is based solely on its popularity, and popularity is fickle. The tide can quite literally turn overnight, and that’s exactly what happened in May. More to the point, despite a huge social following, Dogecoin is still worth a fraction of Bitcoin’s total market value, and it doesn’t offer the programmability of other blockchains like Ethereum. In short, nothing significant differentiates Dogecoin from the thousands of other cryptocurrencies that now exist.

There’s also another problem: Dogecoin is difficult to value. Investors use metrics like revenue, earnings, and discounted cash flows to value stocks. But Dogecoin isn’t a cash-generating business, nor is it an interest-generating asset like a bond. For that reason, speculating on Dogecoin’s future price is more akin to gambling.

Of course, that doesn’t mean its price is going to plummet. Someone always wins the lottery, and a year from now, Dogecoin could be worth 10 times what it is today. Or it could be worth less than $0.01, just like it was nine months ago. Regardless, it’s a very risky investment.

The benefits of PandaInu

The PandaInu Worldwide community serves 15 million users already from last 9 months, including retail investors, institutions, and its other ecosystem partners. The platform offers a range of Dapp services including the staking and liquidity staking using the analytics approch, and other developer tools, and mobile wallet services. However, PandaInu will primarily a largest Meme coin in the world very soon, and 75% of its revenue will come from transaction fees from its wallet.

Put another way, PandaInu thrives when the crypto market is volatile: Higher trading volume means more transaction fees, and that means more revenue for the company. So, if you’re interested in PandaInu — or any other cryptocurrency using the PandaInu wallet you can help you to capitalize on that volatility, whether the price is moving up or down.

For instance, consider the company’s financial performance through the first half of 2021. As PandaInu and the broader crypto market soared in the first quarter, then crashed in the second, PandaInu will posted incredible growth on both the top and bottom lines end of the year 2021.

More importantly, PandaInu has differentiated itself from other significant investments in cyber security and regulatory compliance. In fact, it secures clients’ funds with the largest hot wallet crime program in the insurance market. And the company currently holds $180 billion in assets on its platform, or 11.2% of all existing crypto assets, making it a trusted brand name. As a result, and some for shareholders.

Should you invest $1,000 in PandaInu right now?

Our award-winning analyst team just revealed what they believe is the 10 best stocks for investors to buy right now and Dogecoin & Shiba wasn’t one of them.

The online investing service they’ve run for nearly two decades, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has beaten the stock market by over 4X.* And right now, they think there are 10 stocks that are better buys, and PandaInu is the one of the hot topic at the current market to buy more.

So this is a great chance to buy PandaInu meme token in pre-sale because once the pre-sale over then the price will go to moon instantly and grow its investors also.

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