Is PandaInu Coin a Dogecoin & Shiba Killer Or Just Another Meme Coin?

PandaInu is a breed of smart bear’s in China and is categorized in small-to-medium breeds. Little PandaInu know that they’d become the topic of a pretty excitable discussion. At least, their breed’s name would be. If this cryptocurrency thing is getting too complex for you to wrap you head around, there’s another layer for you to figure.

There’s a new coin out there in the worldwide market that, depending on who you believe, is either the next big thing, is purely a Dogecoin & Shiba meme killer or worth absolutely none of your time of money. Pretty extreme opinions all through, have to say. That’s what the PandaInu crypto coin seems to be all about.

The Dogecoin references come as that crypto has seen valuation fluctuations since Elon Musk’s SNL appearance a few days ago, something that was expected to take Dogecoin to new heights. Maybe the moon?

The PandaInu coin is going to live for 1st round of pre-sale on 18 August 2021, but everyone is being talking about only the launch of PandaInu. It is based on Binance smart chain. In the whitepaper (that’s cool crypto lingo for whitepaper — you un-cool folks will never understand), the founding team of PandaInu say that on the decentralized exchange PandaInu will create the history, it is all because of the use case coin in the world. PandaInu is already working on its own Secure wallet which can help the BSC, ETH and other cross-chain network community to low the transaction fee and fast response from the PandaInu wallet.

$PWT for the Dogecoin Killer and Shiba.

PandaInu founding team say, “We find the world strong nickname for DOGECOIN & SHIBA KILLER because we have the ability to outpace the value of Dogecoin, Shiba exponentially, without ever crossing the $0.1 mark”. This particular point is what is bothering the Dogecoin holder and fans alike — the coin was expected to cross the $1 mark after Musk’s SNL appearance provided a big boost, but instead fell significantly from $0.70 to $0.42 and has been attempting to rebound since.

According to the data science team, the circulating supply of PandaInu is currently at 475 billion PWT and the founders say that PWT coins have already ready for launch. PWT is also going to list on multiple exchanges including Binance. Eifiswap, and other top exchanges also.

The PandaInu created the multichain decentralized finance wallet for cryptocurrency holders which let buyers swap and make transactions between PWT and other crypto coins at very low transaction cost.

Everyone knows at this time, Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin holds Shiba coins worth $15 billion, and here at PandaInu, we have more than 4.2 Million users community worldwide who are ready to buy the PWT token at the 1st round of pre-sale. So this shows the PandaInu will kill the market of Shiba & Doge.

If you wish to buy the PandaInu coins, you’ll have to use the platform. Login your account, then click one PandaInu Pre-sale link and enter the amount of PWT coins, and pay the money in BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX any currency you can use at Etherconnect platform to buy the PandaInu coins instantly.

At this time, the currency isn’t tradable on any other platforms including Etherconnect or, at the time of writing this. This is expected to change in the near future.

There really isn’t a clear answer yet about the future of the PandaInu cryptocurrency.

Most analysts have labeled this as volatile. “The hype around PandaInu meme coins bigger than as Shiba, PandaInu is not a financial, but a social phenomenon,” says head of research CoinMarketCap and strategy at cryptocurrency exchange Binance, while speaking with Fortune. “If you’re buying today, I don’t know where the future grows for you.

But if you were here to buy in a few days ago, yes, you’re definitely making money,”


In order to incentivize early PandaInu supporters, PWT will open its presale at their official website very soon. The Presale is the minimum price that retail investors can buy from market. The lower price you pay, the more you earn. Participate in the presale and earn more!

PWT is a new cryptocurrency which is 100% powered by the worldwide community. There is no team distribution, no institutional investors, with PWT fully distributed to the community members.

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Pandainu A Unique Decentralized Finance Meme tokens that grew into a Vibrant Dapp Wallet Ecosystem.

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Pandainu A Unique Decentralized Finance Meme tokens that grew into a Vibrant Dapp Wallet Ecosystem.