PandaInu A Fast-Growing DApp Wallet Platform at Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

3 min readSep 17, 2021

PandaInu Wallet is a fast, flexible DApp browser & providing users with a seamless blockchain-integrated browsing experience.

Many people believe decentralized applications (DApps) are the future of the internet — and the PandaInu team is among them.

Not just because of their inherent decentralization, but also because of the ease and usability that comes with asset-integrated web browsing. A well-crafted DApp browser enables you to jump onto any blockchain-integrated website (or DApp), initiate processes that require the approval of your blockchain wallet (like sending crypto or assets), validate the transaction with ease, and receive the resulting crypto or assets directly to your wallet.

We believe this has massive potential to transform our relationship with the internet, seamlessly integrate digital asset ownership into our browsing experience, and enable us to build an online identity that transcends the walled garden of any individual platform. Thus, we are thrilled to announce that the feature packed PandaInu wallet is now features a fast, flexible DApp browser.

Gain insight into the progress that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has made since its September 2020 launch.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) launched as a parallel chain to Binance Chain with the goal of providing a high-through put blockchain that enables DeFi applications to thrive. Only three months later, Binance Smart Chain already has a lot to show for.

As we discover the latest data on Binance Smart Chain usage that highlights the new chain’s promising future.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a new smart contract-enabled blockchain that acts as a parallel chain to Binance Chain.

BSC is was built to be Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible in order to provide developers with the ability to seamlessly deploy DApps built for Ethereum on Binance’s new blockchain.

Additionally, BSC supports cross-chain transfers and allows for the creation of “pegged coins” (tokens pegged to the BSC chain), including BTC, ETH, TRX, and more. Pegged coins operate as BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, like Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens.

Moreover, BSC’s BEP20 token standard enables developers to easily create and issue tokens that can represent a wide range of different asset types.

With a ~5 second block time and a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, BSC enables high-speed transactions that only cost network participants a few cents.

As a result, decentralized applications built on Binance Smart Chain have already experienced substantial user uptake, with DeFi apps leading the foray.

What is PandaInu Wallet-

PandaInu wallet will be the best wallet for BSC (Binance Smart Chain). PandaInu allows you to control all your BNB and BEP2E tokens on your mobile & web also. Your assets are your own, non-custodial. PandaInu uses the Secure Enclave on your mobile devices to provide you the hardware level of security. You can access all the DeFi Dapps in the built-in DApp browser: DEXs, Yield Farming, Staking, borrow, lending, earning, and many more.

PandaInu wallet is of the secure mobile wallets support BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and the test net also. It will also help users to easily receive BNB and BEP2E tokens with your ENS address. Even user can use the same address on both Ethereum and BSC.

· Access all the BSC Defi DApps with the DApp browser

· Connect with desktop DApps with PandaInu Wallet

· Control your gas fee and speed your transactions

· Secure Enclave keeps your asset safe

· No KYC or personal data collected

· Fully open source

· Close relationship with BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Team

We believe the PandaInu Wallet’s superior features — speed, security, and usability — will result in it becoming the default cryptocurrency wallet for blockchain traders, holders, and gamers.

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