PandaInu aims to be next big Crypto Meme Coin to explode in 2022

3 min readMay 30, 2022

During the course of the past year, meme coins have been the undisputed leaders in the cryptocurrency sector, generating astounding returns for investors. These coins, which are mostly based on internet memes and parody, have resulted in massive communities that have a significant influence on the tokens’ popularity and adoption.

Even though meme coins are becoming more popular, only a few of them have real uses. In PandaInu, the ecosystem is integrated into a unified DeFi blockchain protocol, which allows developers and users to interact with the platform in a way that is as transparent as possible.

Innovative meme coin-

PandaInu is the first meme token that facilitates NFT farming using Panda Wallet.

Powered by its native token, PWT will be utilised to reward community members to participate in liquidity mining, airdrop, stake, DAO, and Panda Dapp Wallet transaction fees. As PandaInu is backed by the world’s most promising currencies, ECC and EIFI, it is the world’s largest community-driven meme token.

PandaInu ($PWT), the native coin of the PandaInu ecosystem, has a total token supply of 475 billion tokens. PWT is a BEP-20 token used in the PandaInu ecosystem as a utility and governance token. The token is intended to reward community members, and a 5% transaction fee is distributed to existing holders for each transaction. Long-term holders are thus rewarded for holding PWT in their portfolios.

PandaInu isn’t simply a meme token; it’s much more. It is the future of BSC and De-fi wallets.

Let’s look at some more features of PandaInu-

  1. PandaInu is a meme protocol developed by the ECC and EIFI Finance Ecosystems.
  2. It has a real use case of decentralised crypto wallets with military-grade security.
  3. PandaInu wallet allows investors to participate in the crypto economy and decentralised finance area.
  4. It’s not simply a wallet for storing crypto, but also a mechanism for users to earn income on their crypto holdings.

A big year ahead for PandaInu-

Paindainu is achieving major milestones as PWT has crossed 40k holders currently and has already secured listings on PancakeSwap, Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

PandaInu is expected to revolutionize the way billions of people own, use, perceive, and trade their physical and digital assets on all levels.

At first, PandaInu is all set to tackle Ethereum gas fee issues with their NFT marketplace. And PandaInu platforms employ Layer-2 solutions such as Binance smart chain and Immutable-X. Once the Panda team migrates from Ethereum to Binance Layer-2 solutions, they expect transactions to consume 100 times less energy.

Further, PandaInu plans to integrate the Binance gasless layer-2 created particularly for NFT transactions.

In the near future, PandaInu will partner with top crypto exchanges. PWT/USDT pairs will be listed on the exchange’s platforms as part of their partnership.

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