PandaInu the King of Meme Coin

Are you a fan of cryptocurrencies and memes?

Well, if yes; then today we have something to share who has successfully built a growth from last 8 months in the worldwide industry, they are just going to launch a king of meme token, PandaInu.

PandaInu PWT token is going to launch on 18th August 2021, PWT token is lunch 1st round of pre-sale with world strong community ECC & EIFI finance under Binance Smart blockchain. PandaInu native token is expected to gain traction pretty fast by leveraging Panda Beer names and memes.

Under the Binance Smart chain, PandaInu provides its user base with affordable and fast transactions due to the ultimate Blockchain’s power. The PandaInu team is also leveraging social media channels to popularize the project. They have a Twitter page that is relatively new, where users get updates about PandaInu.

PandaInu is expecting to grow very fast as the PWT token increases adoption and usage of PWT token with the PandaInu Wallet. A PandaInu Telegram official channel is also in place and will serve as the PandaInu community’s update centre.

The Telegram channel has over large community already, while the Twitter page has over 2,500+ followers. These pages are open for anyone to follow and be part of the community experiencing the growth and development of PandaInu.

PandaInu Wallet Native Token

PandaInu wallet is the blockchain-based smart AI network’s native token and is at the centre of everything on PandaInu Wallet. The PWT protocol is based on Binance smart chain, so the native token uses the same format as other tokens on Binance smart chain. PandaInu will serve the functions of LP acquisitions, reflection, and burning as per the roadmap planned.

As per the PWT launch, the token will increase tremendously and its adoption will reach to more than 3 Million token holders in the next 6 months. There is a total supply of 475 Billion of PWT, and the price of a PWT token will open for 1st round of pre-sale at $0.000050. At the time we are writing this article a pre-sale is going to live, So do not waste your time to think to buy PWT, Just hit the Pre-sale button and buy the PWT token, because as per the top experts the daily trading volume will reach high to the CoinMarketCap.

PandaInu token will work under a program that will ensure its continuity. 60% reserve for sale , 10% for ur community airdrop, 20% for our Development team, and 10% for marketing and pr promotions. As per the PandaInu wallet, PWT coin trade will automatically get channeled to the liquidity generation, and in further 2% gets burned. Token holders will also receive 2% as static rewards scheduled for redistribution in the near future who hold the token for the long run.

What’s the Future of PandaInu?

As a meme coin leveraging PandaInu popularity, the future of the token could be promising. One of PandaInu Twitter community even termed PandaInu as the meme coin king. Besides, we will grow more than half of the community supports PandaInu in the next few weeks. The community trust indicates that 60% are in support, versus 40% who do not support the project. It’s no surprise as PandaInu launching as a community-driven deflationary token.

Also, PandaInu is exploded the NFT industry and it will going to announce to the PandaInu Twitter page very soon. PandaInu will launch its first round of Pre-sale on 18th August 2021.

PandaInu Security

PandaInu does not fall on the blockchain projects with the security issues bandwagon. The team has made an excellent choice of blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, and the network is set to gain more utility in the decentralized finance space.

PandaInu Development team mention on August 2021, PandaInu will go through the security audits, which are successfully done, and the auditors found zero threats.

The network has also gone through PASS OR FAIL.ME, the Know Your Customer and Audit services provider, and passed with a rank of 4.6/5.

In Summary

PandaInu is the latest network seeking to leverage the latest developments to provide its community with a cutting-edge security blockchain platform. The Memes are a part of the internet today, and PandaInu memes’ popularity is apparent. PandaInu seeks to take advantage of the popularity and promote a meme coin that is already dubbed the meme coin king by a member of the developing community of users on Twitter.

PandaInu network focuses on the current popularity of memes on social media to create and at the same time grow a meme coin whose updates will be prevalent on social media platforms. PandaInu community of followers on both Telegram and Twitter is growing each day.

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Pandainu A Unique Decentralized Finance Meme tokens that grew into a Vibrant Dapp Wallet Ecosystem.

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Pandainu A Unique Decentralized Finance Meme tokens that grew into a Vibrant Dapp Wallet Ecosystem.

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