What might happen to PandaInu coin this winter 2021?

3 min readSep 8, 2021

As per the cryptocurrency experts' prediction the future of PandaInu coin is so hot in this coming winter 2021. And it will grow rapidly.

According to the cryptocurrency, the influencer has been sharing support for PandaInu coin recently, which has some, believing the coin, will rise significantly soon. Cryptocurrency influencer recently posted a new YouTube video to their accounts that PandaInu coin may rise on the top. They said in the video, “there might be more to this token than meets the eye.”

They also keeping an eye on PandaInu coin for a few weeks now, especially after negative rumors will add PandaInu coin to its portfolio, but after the watch according to The Daily Hodl.

• PandaInu is one of the most successful cryptos in this category. And it will be listing SHIB, however, I consider the possibility that there are highly chance to PandaInu coin meets the $2 in this winter 2021.

Why PandaInu coin may climb Fast?

As Per market FX traders, we suggested that the coin’s success could hinge on Dogecoin’s & Shiba drop in success. Dogecoin was one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in April and May — especially as Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted and chatted about it before falling off, where PandaInu is different as per the connections they have to the crypto community.

PandaInu really just a meme and nothing more as per the users said, but this is not true, PandaInu is a Decentralized Finance Dapp protocol. As per the core development community-of PandaInu is driven as Shiba Inu & Dogecoin Killer. It is all because there are definitely seem to be some seriously prolific people behind the project.

PandaInu coin is rising for a bright winter, especially its social media hype and worldwide strong community that share up a massive support.

PandaInu coin predictions for the winter 2021?

As a writer for crypto news sites Benzinga, doesn’t see a great winter ahead for some cryptocurrencies, like Safemoon, Doge and Shiba Inu coin since they rely on social media hype and mentions from prominent figures, like Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

But as I said before the Doge, Safemoon, or Shiba Inu are baseless projects without any strong fundamentals,” But if you can see the roadmap and project community of PandaInu then you will see PandaInu projects will rise due to his strong fundamentals, strong development, and strong worldwide community with social media hype and community momentum. The fundamentals of the PandaInu project are only discussed in hindsight on subreddits for the most part.

As everyone knows PandaInu is a meme-based cryptocurrencies might suffer a sharp fall if there are more investments in the near future. People will invest in the crypto tokens but then sell off their earnings, creating another crash. This is similar to what happened after cryptocurrencies peaked in spring 2021, as many have now lost a significant chunk of value. But here in PandaInu you will never face such issue because of its PandaInu wallet and Upcoming NFT farming though PandaInu wallet.

PandaInu coin will rise more than 160% in recent weeks after it hit its lowest value ever in August, according to investors. But the price shows there is still some support for the crypto token, which has seen a jump in movement over 25-day and 50-day periods,

One prediction from Investing Cube suggests the coin will face resistance for a little longer before it begins to climb again if there’s a mention from a prominent figure, like Musk.

Such a mention “could easily be enough to swing the prices of these digital assets by double digits in a matter of days,” according to Investor Place.

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